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Selasa, Jun 22, 2010

My Water Moments


"Photography" by coincidence comes to my life a few months ago. Actually, the fever is because of the blog Setanak Nasi. I'm not used to snap here, snap there, click here, and click there. Well that is now history. I since then have been clicking, clicking and clicking. Hehe.

I like the panoramic scenes or the sorts. Rain always excites me since childhood.To see little drops of water hitting on road, trees, and flowers. To hear them falling down on our zinc roof during the night. Wonderful!

Rain falls on a neighbor's car. The story can be read here: 
I can only show one side of the big picture. Not too cool eh? Imagine this; I reach in my pocket, produce a slim stylish pocket digital camera, strap on the wrist strap, select my focus point by tapping the touchscreen and starts clicking away. Cool! Hey man, not afraid of damaging your camera? Water-proof ma! Drop-proof too! Why afraid. Haha imagine that!

We loved picnic. So we had one at Ulu Bendul. Starving after bathing in the cool water we had lunch. Our feet are in the water and we have the feeling like something nibbling at our feet. Upon investigating we discovered the culprit. Tiny fishes! I took pictures of the incident. The water depth is about 2ft or 0.61m. Cannot see the fish la? Well, quite shy ones la. Let's imagine this, what if I have a camera that can handle water depths and withstand it for quite sometimes and only then I will be able to photograph the tiny fishes having "lunch" with us that day. And what a sight that will be!

I particularly like this picture. We can feel a sense of calmness looking at it. Click here for your reading pleasure: 
Imagine what I can do. What if I just stand at a particular spot, sweep my camera from side to side, or up and down and it captures multiple images and instantly produces one large panoramic image. Imagine that!

I have never been in the North or South poles. Neither have I climbed on the Everest or K2. Never dream to do so. Well, let say we were to be given the opportunity to tour those places. By logic, pictures are proof as to where we go. So the camera must be freeze-proof to stand the temperature and blizzards there. It must have the ability to capture spotless, cleaner and sharper images in low light and also eliminating subject blur in harsh weather conditions or whatever the environment is. It will be very cool. Right! 

Am I imagining all these facts? I shouldn't anymore. Why? Sony TX5 the stylist pocket digital camera is here! Proudly bearing the title of the "World's slimmest water-proof camera", the TX5 is not only water-proof but temperature-proof, dust-proof and shock-proof too.

Get this, the TX5 can be in water up to 3m deep for up to 60 minutes, shooting even below freezing point up to -10C, assured to always get spotless images and design to allow drops up to a height of 1.5m. 

It doesn't only look pretty, it comes with awesome functions like intelligent sweep panorama, handheld twilight and anti motion blur. Well sir, a package of beauty and brain and darn near indestructible too. 

Like what being said "Bring out the style in any situation. Giving the photographic power whenever, wherever. Power and precision".

Kalau tak percaya checkup here for more information:

The price is RM1,499. No budget to buy it. Well, no harm to dream I am one of the lucky three. Hehe. What about color? I can choose silver, black, pink, green and red. Thinking of color, I prefer green, environmental friendly. Whichever.....



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